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Because we’ve been
there, and we want
it to change.

Plumm is a workplace mental wellbeing
solution with one simple mission: to make
mental wellbeing a reality for every
member of the global workforce.

Plumm Team

We’re proud of nurturing a culture
that puts the wellbeing of people first.

We believe in the importance of building an inclusive and supportive culture which
encourages diverse perspectives and inspires people to take the first step to make
the world a better place - one mind at a time.







Plumm Founder, Asim Amin,
has first-hand experience
with the reality of mental health.

Asim’s mother suffered with depression, and for most of his life,
this was all Asim knew. He saw with his own eyes how mental
health could affect not only us, but those around us, too.
When his mother finally had enough of living under such
a dark cloud, she took the steps to ask for help.

Asim realised how difficult conversations about mental
health could be. In turn, he also saw how much could be
gained from them. His mission is now to make those
conversations easier for others.

Our incredible journey, so far.

February 2018

Online therapy
services launched

December 2018

Completed 100+
online sessions

July 2019

package deals

January 2020

Launched monthly
subscription model

May 2020

Launched corporate

October 2020

Plumm Academy

May 2021

chat session

October 2021

Launched MS Teams

February 2022

Launched Slack

April 2022

mobile app

Led by passion.

Every Plummster was handpicked for their passion and experience in their field.


Asim amin Founder & CEO Plumm
Asim Amin
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Founder & CEO

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Nabil Ismail Co - Founder & COO Plumm
Nabil Ismail
plumm rocket

Co - Founder & COO

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Ramiz Khan CTO Plumm
Ramiz Khan
plumm fire


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Rakshi Amin CFO Plumm
Rakshi Amin
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Elisabetta Torretti Head of Partnerships Plumm
Elisabetta Torretti
plumm Pinch Fingers

Head of Partnerships

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Kirsty Jagielko Marketing Director
Kirsty Jagielko
plumm unicorn

Marketing Director

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