Mental health support
that works!

Plumm's workplace mental health platform gives employees
access to always-on support from self-care soundscapes and
meditations through to video coaching and therapy.

Helping employees and businesses thrive.

Mental health support
just got smarter, with EMMA!

EMMA is Plumm’s virtual assistant, offering real-time mental
health and personal growth support. EMMA is available 24/7
and always at your side to offer guidance and support as you
navigate life’s many complex challenges – from financial worries
to career advancement – and beyond!

Mental health support with EMMA
Plumm Emma

Join companies who are prioritising workplace
mental health and personal growth with Plumm.

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plumm testimonials

“Honestly the usage is excellent compared to EAP’s we’ve had in the past, and the usage data combined with the fact I don’t hear many negative comments at all is what tells me the team is happy.”

Julia Melvin (Ubisoft Reflections)
plumm testimonials

“When we got Plumm two years ago, we didn’t even realise how much our team needed a service like this. It’s not just a corporate perk but something people use and can benefit from personally. Taking care of your team’s mental wellbeing is the best investment you can make.”

Jan Lepetun (Undercurrent News)
plumm testimonials

“We started working with Plumm almost two years ago and we have just signed up for another year! I have received great support from our Customer Success Manager in building our relationship and helping us ensure our employees get the most out of the platform and the services.”

Rosie Karausevic (CloudStratex)
plumm testimonials

“Since partnering with Plumm, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our employees. The Plumm team is extremely passionate and proactive in their approach and I would highly recommend the platform to any other organisation.”

Susan Nazari (Element)
plumm testimonials

“We were thrilled to find out about Plumm, which offers a full package of wellbeing support. Two years into our partnership, we have never looked back - our advisors have always been helpful and responsive and have helped us drive up usage month after month.”

Anthony Harmer (ELATT)
plumm testimonials

“We asked our people what wellbeing resources could better support them, and the answer was clear; a product where you could talk to a real person who they could connect to and feel supported by. Plumm is comparable with some of the best wellbeing products on the market.”

Jennifer Longden (Pollinate)
plumm testimonials

“We believe supporting employees mental health and wellbeing is critical to the success of the business. Through our partnership with Plumm we can give all our employees access to a platform, that no matter where they are in the world, there is something for everyone.”

Vikki Craig (Taylor Hopkinson)
plumm testimonials

“We can offer mental health support via the platform, providing our managers with tools when they notice a staff member needing help, as well as general support. The dashboard and data are also helpful for reporting and informing internal conversations.”

Oliver Atkinson (Casual Films)
plumm testimonials

“We knew that we needed to invest in this space and had to find a tool that was the right fit for us. We met with countless vendors, but we knew right away once we met Plumm they were the ones.”

Jennifer Shewan (Wonolo)
plumm testimonials

“I was immediately impressed when I first interacted with the Plumm team at a HR conference. We were facing challenges with our employee assistance program. Plumm have highly-qualified therapists who can be available to support employees within 24 hours.”

Adnan Salam (Mubadala Capital)

Powering business growth, one mind at a time

Plumm’s extensive range of workplace wellbeing services and self-care resources can be accessed from
our mobile app, tablet, or desktop - and integrate seamlessly with MS Teams, Slack and Okta.

With round-the-clock support for mental health and personal growth support, Plumm’s solutions are
sustainable and scalable, supporting your workforce wherever they are on their personal journey.

Unlock your global potential with us.

With over 150 accredited therapists and specialised coaches – fluent in over 34
languages – Plumm offers personalised, global workplace mental health support.

Unlock your global potential with plumm


Average therapist


Accredited therapists
and coaches


Avg. years of experience
amongst our therapist

plumm employee utilisation rate

Up to 76% employee
utilisation rate

Companies who use Plumm experience utilisation rates
as high as 76%, significantly outperforming employee
assistance programme (EAP) usage.

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workplace mental health and personal growth topics.

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