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plumm online therapy

therapy with
just a swipe.

Take your favourite Plumm wellbeing resources on the go with our brand new app available on Android and iOS.

plumm online therapy

MS Teams &
Slack app

Effortlessly bring mental wellbeing into the workday with the Plumm app for Microsoft Teams and Slack.

plumm online therapy


See an accredited therapist as early as the next day, and work on any goal you want from mind and body to personal growth and career.

plumm chat therapy


Get immediate text-based support from an accredited therapist in the palm of your hand. At any time of the day, from anywhere.

plumm learn online therapy


Access our library of therapist-led online courses from mental wellbeing to personal growth, and keep teams engaged with practise worksheets and bespoke, interactive live classes.

plumm guided meditataion


Pair our guided meditations with online courses to supercharge your team’s focus, support mindfulness and find a place of calm.

Proof is in the Plumm


Average therapy
session rating


User engagement to EAPs


therapists & coaches

Your partner in mental wellbeing

Globally leading accredited therapists and modern self-support systems at a fraction of the cost.

plumm mental wellbeign

Real people. Real insights

Access detailed (but totally anonymised) engagement reporting to help understand usage and drive your company’s long-term wellness goals.

Drive your company’s wellness goals

With our proven implementation strategy and marketing resources, plus ongoing guidance from your dedicated Wellbeing Manager every step of the way, we take the stress out of the employee benefits.

Private & Secure

We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. All conversations on Plumm are totally confidential and encrypted.

plumm mental wellbeign

Download our
latest whitepaper.

Understand the link between
mental and physical health, as
well as the various different
ways in which we can ensure
wellbeing in both spheres.

Download our latest whitepaper.

Your team’s global? So's ours

Connect with our network of over 200 accredited therapists from all over the world.
Delivering evidence-based therapies in over 30 languages.

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Good for your
team, good for
your business

Teams report feeling more
productive, engaged and happier
in just a few weeks of therapy

Source: Journal of Technology and
Behavioral Science
plumm business
plumm business
Source: Journal of Technology and
Behavioral Science

Here's what our partners say

Andy from Motivates

Working with Plumm is an enjoyable and productive experience, and has been from the very first point of contact. Such a genuinely great and passionate team, all so incredibly engaged and invested, and as a result they are an absolute joy to work with. Importantly too, we’re delighted to be able to offer their services on The Lifestyle Voucher so customers now have the choice to improve their mental wellbeing

Andy from Motivates

ennifer from Circle IT

Plumm was the platform of choice for us in terms of employee wellbeing as we wanted to partner with our wellbeing supplier, not just buy an out of the box solution that was faceless and cold. We wanted to take ourselves beyond a box ticking exercise and have an interactive partnership and solution that grew with our business and engaged our people.

Jennifer from Circle IT

Jo from Event Concept

Our employee’s wellbeing has always been important to us, and as part of that we encourage open communication on mental health. We wanted to give our people something that allowed them to explore content in their own time and at their own pace. If you are looking for something to enhance an employee wellbeing or engagement programme, I would not hesitate to recommend Plumm.

Jo from Event Concept

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